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What we offer:

  • Homepage Design
    • Designed from the ground up or...
    • Use elements from your homepage
  • Translation
    • Native speakers who are part of the dog world translate your pages into natural Japanese
  • Communication
    • Free Japanese language email contact form. All enquiries will be translated and sent to you in English*
    • Negotiate and interface with any potential client, with all fees paid by the client!
  • Extras
    • Site hosted on WorldDog Asia servers at no cost to ensure Japanese font compatibility
    • Two updates per year (a maximum of 2 pages per update) free for the first three years
    • Bilingual business cards available

You are proud of your dogs and their accomplishments- as you should be! Now share these with breeders in Japan.
The dog world in Japan is changing and developing rapidly. In the past, only 'dog brokers' who had large bank accounts and questionable ethics, could travel to shows to see and try to acquire top level dogs, but now more serious Japanese breeders are traveling to shows around the world. They are becoming aware of the worldwide trend toward health testing and are embracing it. The Japan Kennel Club made the landmark decision in 2008 to allow registration of litters born from frozen or chilled semen inseminations. All of these factors have combined to change the scene in Japan. Serious Japanese breeders who are as dedicated to their breeds as you are to yours, are looking to improve their lines by importing good stock or frozen semen from top quality dogs. Not just the rich few, but the dedicated breeders who live with and love their dogs. As an American who has spent over 30 years in Asia, I am overjoyed. And I want to help in any way I can.
The main goal of WorldDogs Asia is to connect top breeders from around the world with their counterparts in Japan and other parts of Asia. One of the most effective ways to do this is to help YOU showcase your kennel in Japanese.

Contact us by email or phone (+81-90-1585-7911) for details and pricing

*Use of the email contact form dependent on agreement to use WorldDogs Asia as sales agent

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Establish a Presence in Asia

Do you have enquiries from Japan? Do you want to show off your dogs to Japanese friends you have met at shows?
We can help!!
Let us translate the essentials of your site and host a Japanese site for you!


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