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WorldDogs Asia is dedicated to improving communications and relations between breeders of the West and Asia. We offer a variety of services including:

  • Importing, Exporting and Storing Frozen Canine Semen
    • Help Japanese and Western breeders find and negotiate for the purchase of frozen semen from lines that will enhance their established breeding program
    • Complete all necessary quarantine and kennel club paperwork
    • Collect and store Japanese dogs of quality for export
    • Ensure that all restrictions placed on the use of any semen by the stud dog owner are strictly followed
  • Importing and Exporting Dogs and Puppies
    • Help breeders from both Asia and the West find the puppy or dog that compliments their lines
    • Advise on quarantine regulations and complete all necessary paperwork
    • Travel to collect and deliver dogs and puppies when it is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the dog
  • Webpage Design and Translation
    • Provide translation for your existing web site or
    • Design a new site to showcase your kennel
    • Host your new site for free on WorldDogs Asia's server at no additional charge so that there will be no trouble with Japanese fonts displaying correctly
    • Design a logo to give your kennel a "brand"
    • incorporate a Japanese email contact form so potential clients can contact you without worrying about the language barrier*
    • Translate all emails and send them to your email account*
    • Design and print bilingual business cards so you can keep in touch with contacts you make at dog shows

Contact us for details and pricing!!

Use of the free contact form and free translation service is limited to customers who agree to contract with WorldDogs Asia to act as their agent in negotiations.

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WorldDogs Asia WorldDogs Asia
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