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You may have reservations about the Asian dog world, but the purebred dog world in Asia is growing and evolving. Many barriers; language, quarantine rules, economy and availability of reliable information; have hindered the progress of breeding programs of many serious breeders in Asia. Until recently, Japanese breeders who wanted to improve their lines by importing good stock from the West, had no choice but to use brokers, many of questionable character, who would buy dogs and then inflate the price by up to ten times the real cost.
This began to change in 2008 when the Japan Kennel Club finally decided to register litters born from imported frozen or chilled semen offering breeders here the chance to incorporate the wonderful lines available in the US and Europe into their breeding programs, something most could only dream about in the past. This was an exciting development and WorldDogs Asia quickly established a storage facility. Of course, there were few veterinarians trained in artificial insemination with frozen semen, so we held a training seminar for 8 vets located around the country to help fill the void. After just two years, our vets have achieved a success rate of about 80%. We hope to take that even higher in the next year.
With increased contact with breeders from around the world, serious Asian breeders and exhibitors are becoming more dedicated to the improvement of their respective breeds. Health issues, which were largely ignored or hidden, are being being discussed, studied and tested for. The Japanese equivalent of OFA, JAHD, has been established and breeders are increasingly screening their breeding stock. All of these are good developments.
Established breeders in the West can make a HUGE impact and improve their breeds in Asia by sharing both their expertise AND their breeding stock, but you want to be sure that your lines will be respected and preserved. But, as in every country, there are breeders of questionable reputation who think of dogs as commodities, not as companions. With the language and culture barrier, it can be difficult to 'separate the sheep form the goats', so to speak.
That is where WorldDogs Asia can help. Our staff are all bi-lingual and are deeply involved in the dog world. We interview all clients and do our best to ensure that any restrictions that you have placed on the sale of either frozen semen or living dogs are followed to the letter.
Our goal is the betterment of purebred dogs AND the improvement of relationships between breeders in the West and Asia. Trust needs to be established for that to happen and communication is essential to building trust. We bridge the culture and communication gap for you, so you can feel confident that the line you have worked so hard to establish is respected. We keep on top of import regulations and take care of all of the paperwork. If necessary, we will even travel to you to personally transport your precious cargo. It's all about the dogs!

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